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General recruitment info
« on: August 19, 2013, 09:30:54 AM »
Recruitment status : OPEN

We are an established International Corp focused on expanding and constantly regenerating our self-sufficient organization of skilled pilots, traders, combatants, explorers and Specialists.
It is our desire to have our members enjoy New Eden to the fullest extent possible, with the added benefit of the support and resources only TWEN can provide.

We have regular Flights, always have members online and on Teamspeak. Working together and making friends with similar interests is how we have fun and keep close in a big group.
We are looking for casual and hardcore gamers to enjoy the benefits of our fleets, training, and the camaraderie of working with people you can have fun with.
We have a long history in New Eden and our experiences have taught us to focus on quality, quantity and continuity.
All of our members have experience in combat, exploration and most of the other aspects of Eve as you we know it and can help you in any aspect of the game.
If you are a player that wishes to expand their horizons in an active corporation with responsive and transparent leadership, you have come to the right door.

We are actively recruiting to expand divisions within [TWEN]: Commerce and Transportation; Mining, P.I and Salvage; Exploration & Survey; Fleet Security, Specialized Personnel and Combat Pilots.
So whether your goal is to be a commerce tycoon, combat ace, or explore the unknown, [TWEN] will provide you with the Information, training and infrastructure necessary for you to reach your potential.
However, even if you join for one particular activity, ALL of our members will always have the freedom to participate in all aspects of our activities.

If this sounds like your thing then sign up today!

Advantages of joining:

A large international English speaking Corporation.
Primarily PVP focused Corp with a excellent PVP SRP ( ship replacement policy)
Nulls sec space with high value ORE, NPC's, P.I and scan sites
No forced CTA's, dictatorship or slavery.
Solid PVP ship doctrines
API secured Teamspeak and corp forums
Members from all time zones, nationalities and languages.
Corp buy back program to save you the risk and time of moving your hard earned loot to sell it.
JF service

What do we require of recruits:

have 5 mil or more SP
Being able to fly a combat fit interceptor or bomber.
Participation in Corp and Alliance PVP fleets.
Being polite and helpful to fellow corp and Alliance members, NO scamming allowed.
Actively use Teamspeak and Jabber when playing.
train for our PVP doctrines.

If you are interested in joining please complete this form:
Then join our in-game recruitment channel -TWEN- and wait for an response on your app.
Applications takes 3 to 4 days to process and you can ask an online recruiter for an update if you so wish.

In TWEN we believes in four basic rules:

Rule #1: Do not be a jerk.
Rule #2: Do not cause drama.
Rule #3: Real life comes first.
Rule #4: PVP comes before PVE.
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